Achieving Economic Independence and Social Acceptance

The owner of a grocery store, popular among residents of Green-Town, Lahore, for its reliability and efficiency, Shameem is one of the handful women seen standing behind a counter laden with popular Pakistani snacks. The role of a shop-keeper is primarily associated to men, but Shameem is proudly selling products to her a growing number of customers that are coming to terms with the change she is inducing.

Now a grandmother, Shameem still maintains her economic independence and continues to be of commercial aid to her partner whose income fluctuates on a daily basis due to unpredictable demand and supply mechanisms of the market. Her transition from being a housewife, to a street-vendor riding a donkey-pulled cart through Lahore's streets, and now ultimately to a permanent asset holder, is inspiring for women of all ages and backgrounds. Her journey though the rough and tedious path of empowerment was facilitated by CSC's continuous support. She is currently on her 6th loan cycle worth PKR 150,000, earning a profit of over PKR 3,000 a day.

After years of domestic inequality, Shameem can now confidently talk about how her husband is supportive of her efforts. CSC believes in helping willing women like Shameem bring about change in their living standards through easy-to-pay installments, adequate training and moral support at times of need, so that they too can prosper and become contributing members of society.

"Shameem's success story"


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