Facing Struggles with Determination

The key success factor for Mureed Hussain has been his unswerving diligence that allowed him to establish his business despite various physical and economic hindrances. Despite having lost an arm in a workplace accident, Mureed adapted to his deteriorated situation and explored the various things that he could do in this handicapped position. Mureed's impeccable temperament did not shy away from starting small. He aligned his meager finances in setting up a tea stall, but was observant of gauging the consumption cycles. He diversified the products to include juice, milkshakes, ice cream, and fruits as well. This understanding of weather-determined demand hedged Mureed's products, ensuring that there is not bad day for customers to have one of his products. He now aims to expand his shop's operational size. He believes that having a large seating area, both indoor and outdoor, will allow him reach the optimum customizability in visitor experience, and accommodate a fairly large number of customers at the same time.

The greatest challenge faced by Mureed has been regarding his physical disability, that hindered him in doing tasks that he had been skilled in. Being an employee at a warehouse, Mureed lost his arm in a machine-inflicted workplace accident, and was laid off due to his inability to perform the same task afterwards. He was able to convince himself that despite being skilled at a different and more valuable task once, he would not shy away from performing chores that are considered less worthy by the society, for it is not the nature of the task but the will of the performer that leads to success. After initiating his business, Mureed faced problems in scaling up the operations which he required to increase profits. This hindrance was overcome by his people engagement skills that allowed him to interact with the customers and understand their needs. He was able to utilize these suggestions and developed his expansion and product diversification plans accordingly, leading to unforeseen success.

Mureed Hussain's business has had a great impact on his family's livelihood. Previously seen as downtrodden and unable to survive for long due to its sole-breadwinner's disability, the family saw its fortune turn as a result of his shop. He was able to make the living conditions better for his family by providing three meals a day, which they had not been able to afford for a long time. After making some improvements in the house, he was also able to marry his son which was being delayed due to their feeble financial situation.

Mureed Hussain's entrepreneurial success has made a lasting contribution on the community around him. People who doubted his ability to sustain the family after experiencing a life-shattering experience have now become regular customers of her shop. The place serves as a point of gathering for active members of the community, who also take inspiration from Mureed's commitment to never back down.

By managing his affairs alone, Mureed has changed the perception of disabled persons in his locality, and has taken away the excuse from entrepreneurs who would not offer jobs to even slightly handicapped people.

"Mureed Hussain 's success story"


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