Social Welfare Society

Social Welfare Society is among the various Community Based Organisation (CBOs) initiated and supported by CSC through its Enhanced Women's Socio Economic Development Project (Phase-II) in Shiekhupura, Punjab. This self-sustaining CBO is constituted of a General Body for members, who then elect an Executive Board that contributes funds for the organisation's sustainability. Social Welfare Society has organized around two key functions of Women Skills Enhancement, and Healthcare, which are enhancing female economic participation, and tackling health issues in the region.

The Women Skills Enhancement function of Social Welfare Society is a vocational training institute that has identified core competencies of the young girls in the Kot Abdul Malik locality of Sheikhupura, and are providing stitching and embroidery trainings. The courses are charged at a minimal fee, and equip aspiring young girls with necessary skills for establishing their own tailoring businesses, or acquiring employment as home-based workers for other local entrepreneurs. A distinctive feature of the Social Welfare Society is that its General Body members identify cases of domestic violence in their area, and present them to the Executive Board members for informal resolution as a first step, or further to the Legal Assistance Cell as a second option. The women identified under through this effort are then offered free of cost training courses to enable them to economically contribute to their families, which elevates them to a dignified position and lowers further chances of gender-based violence at the hands of male family members.

The Healthcare function of Social Welfare Society features a health clinic that is attended to by a doctor and nurse. The clinic offers diagnostic and medicinal facilities against a flat-charge of PKR 50 only, which is considerably lower than the cost of medicines on top of general physician check-ups that cost around PKR 200 per visit. Provision of economical clinical services is transforming the opinion of community members towards formalized healthcare, and is set to improve the livelihoods of families by immunizing them against diseases that often turn into epidemics in the region.

This two-fold approach of Social Welfare Society towards Skills Enhancement and Healthcare Provision is filling an longstanding gap in the locality, and is proving the importance of community-based collective action in providing services that the state is often unable to.

"Kot Abdul Malik, Shiekhupura"


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