Ali Rizwan; Educating the neglected gender

Resident of Sheikhupura district's Morranwalla village, Ali Rizwan serves as an uncrowned leader of a group of ten young men that rose beyond their societal expectations, and mobilized change at the grassroots. Striving to transform the mindsets of conservative inhabitants of their village, Ali and his team are raising important questions and offering legal assistance for facilitating girl-child education. Although it would be fair to say that Ali from a very young age felt that women were down-trodden in society by observing the treatment of his sister at the hands of their parents in comparison to him, it was not until he attended the first theatre workshop organized by Community Support Concern's enthusiastic team in Sheikhupura, that Ali Rizwan realized how he could take an active stance against the discrimination faced by women.

Through its Enhanced Women Socioeconomic Development project, CSC provided Ali and his team with essential information about skills enhancement projects for women, the issue of unregistered female births, unavailing of CNICs, misfiling of marriage contracts, and unlawful settlement of divorces. From that point onwards, Ali Rizwan has attended multiple workshops to acquire paralegal training and uses the information gained through these to tackle cases in his village. Understanding the need for female education in making women cognizant of their constitutional and social rights, he has set up an evening-tuition centre for tutoring and mentoring girls appearing in Junior and High School centralized examinations. A significant consideration in facilitating female education is also Ali's gradually learnt importance of women's financial independence, which allows them to stand tall against societal injustices. Ali faces many criticism from many a people around him, who unwarrantedly blame him of disrupting societal norms, but he never loses confidence in his mission of female empowerment for which CSC has offered unwavering support.

"Ali Rizwan success story "


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