Bridal Dresses that Celebrate the Future

Irshad's success as a microentrepreneur is her understanding of people's needs and affordability, and intelligent networking skills. These two qualities have helped Irshad establish her business of renting bridal dresses. She identified the niche in the market for bridal dresses on rent, and successfully devised an attractive alternative to buying dresses that would only to be worn once. In order to make inroads into the bridal market, Irshad has used effective networking, and marketing skills, and has not only advertised her service through banners on streets, and commercial on Catholic Channel, but also created linkages with beauty parlors and caterers that interact with potential customers. Having utilized various marketing techniques, Irshad has created a sustained demand for her dresses, and often completely rents out her entire collection.

Her business has had a very positive impact on her income, and currently she is saving a proportion of her income to update her collection of bridal dresses, for which she works with the tailors herself, ensuring high quality. Once her revenue increases as a result of more dresses being rented out, she plans to rent a small shop to serve as an outlet where brides and their families can visit and select dresses.

Before availing the loan for this microenterprise, Irshad's household income was a merely 9,000 Rupees in which she would manage expenditure of raising three children. Through this business, she has increased her income to 40,000 Rupees, which has allowed Irshad to send two of her younger children to reputable schools, and has renovated the upper portion of her house to add two extra rooms that she has rented out.

Irshad's major contribution to the society through her microenterprise is making wedding affordable for the family of brides. These families have been traditionally burdened with expenses that are superfluous in nature, but cannot be avoided due to the expectations of the bride's in-laws in specific, and the society in general.

Apart from providing affordable solution for brides, Irshad's business is creating awareness among her community to reduce the expenditure made on weddings that do not reap any returns to the new couple or either of their families. The amount that would have to be spent on buying new dresses, could then be used on necessities that will make the livelihood of the couple and their families better.

"Irshad's success story "


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